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Post Molding Services

Assembly, Decorating & Packaging

Throughout 50 years of service, our team has realized that the needs of our customers go beyond design and injection molding. Responsively, we have increased our Post Molding services to provide for a complete and ready to use product. In an effort to increase productivity and lower cost, Cavallero is always willing to listen to the specific needs of our customers to create the best, well-rounded personalized service.

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Supporting Services

Assembly – combine molded and provided parts into an assembly
Hot Stamping – Printing process where pre dried inks or foils are transferred to a part at high temperatures.
Pad Printing – Transferring a 2 D ink image on to a 3 dimensional part with a silicone pad.
Ultrasonic Welding – welding process that uses ultrasonic vibration to join materials together utilizing a fixture and metal tool that vibrates.
Sonic Insertion – the use of ultrasonic vibration to install inserts into plastic parts.
Machining – process of cutting, shaping or removing material to create a new shape.
Reaming/Tapping – Widen a hole and install threads.
Wiring and Soldering – Attaching electrical connectors and wiring to parts. 
Custom Labeling – Attaching custom labels to parts.
Bar Code and RFID – Attaching bar code labels and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices)
Custom Packaging – Creating and utilizing custom designed packaging.
Drop Ship – Ship for customer to their customer directly to lower freight costs and delivery time.
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