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How much is a custom mold?

Customers often ask this because they need a plastic part that is no longer available. The answer is that it depends on the part size, part design, materials used and complexity of the mold.

diagram of simple single cavity mold

The mold above is just a simple one cavity mold. Molds can be designed to make more than one part at a time which makes the mold more expensive, but the parts much less.

split cavity mold

Sometimes if you need a slightly different part we can modify an existing mold to create your part. The CP 40s below are made from the same mold with different inserts.

Example of many parts made with an interchangeable insert mold.

Bottom line: What are the advantages of owning a custom mold?

  • You can get exactly what you want which can be a competitive advantage.
  • More control of the supply chain so deliveries are more predictable.
  • You cannot be cut off from supply.
  • Cost of the parts is usually lower.
Single molded part.


When does it usually make sense to invest in a mold?

  • Available parts don't do the job.
  • Parts are too expensive or no longer available.
  • Annual volume is over 1,000 and growing.
  • Capital is available.

Mold design in action.

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